Incontinence Mattress Covers



LIQUAGUARD® LIQUA-sheet® Incontinence Mattress Cover

LIQUA-sheet™ . . .

  • Fits securely with elastic fasteners.
  • Is reusable and can be laundered daily, or as needed.
  • Is easy to put on when making up the bed and easily removed when in need of washing.
  • Is available in twin, twin XL, double, and queen mattress sizes.
  • Can be washed and dried at home or in commercial machines.

Incontinence Mattress Covers

LIQUAGUARD® waterproof covers are designed specifically for the elderly and special-needs individuals who suffer from moderate to severe incontinence. LIQUA-sheet® fully protects your mattress from bodily fluids, spills, and other types of soiling.

Introducing LIQUA-sheet™, our newest product offering!

Caregivers often find sleep times challenging when caring for patients or loved ones who suffer from incontinence. Sleep is frequently interrupted for both patient and caregiver. Soiled mattresses are nearly impossible to clean. LIQUA-sheet™ is designed to provide complete overnight mattress protection from accidents and leaks. In addition, LIQUA-sheet™ helps control odor and mess, assists in preventing skin breakdown, and improves a quality of life.

Incontinence Innovation

LIQUA-sheet™ is constructed of three separate, high-quality durable materials, sewn together to provide comfort and complete protection. 

LIQUA-sheet’s top layer is made of flexible, breathable 100% poly mesh fabric that wicks moisture and enhances evaporation, helping to guard against potential skin breakdown. The inner core is made of quilted polyester batting for maximum absorbency. Unlike other plastic mattress covers that are stiff and rustle upon changes in sleeping positions, LIQUA-sheet’s impermeable barrier is soft and flexible, providing quiet, comfortable waterproof protection.  

Commercial Grade

LIQUA-sheet™ is made of materials that meet commercial specifications, with durable knit fabric textiles and a waterproof polymer coating. The waterproof barrier maintains its suppleness and impermeability through repeated commercial launderings. The barrier is also shrink-resistant, meets flame-retardant requirements, and is environmentally friendly, containing no heavy metals.

LIQUA-sheet is patent pending. Read more about our waterproof mattress covers.

Life is filled with accidents; LIQUAGUARD® handles spills!

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