Incontinence Auto Seat Covers

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LIQUAGUARD® Incontinence Auto Seat Covers

  • Unique stay-put design
  • Absorbent quilted fabric
  • Helps control odor and mess
  • Comfortable and attractive
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Waterproof barrier is sewn in
  • Easy on and off
  • Multiple colors to choose from

Incontinence Auto Seat Cover

LIQUAGUARD® waterproof covers are designed specifically for the elderly and special-needs individuals who suffer from moderate to severe incontinence. LIQUAGUARD® covers fully protect your automobile interior from bodily fluids, spills, and other types of soiling.

Living Life with Incontinence

One of the unfortunate effects of urinary incontinence is its tendency to contribute to a slow decline in one’s quality of life. Individuals who were once active and social can find themselves reclusive and shut-in out of fear of having an accident in transit. Even routine trips to the salon, market or doctor’s office can make both patient and caregiver quite anxious.

LIQUAGUARD® Incontinence Auto Seat Covers can help provide dignity and peace-of-mind while transporting your loved-one from place to place.

  • Discreet Protection
  • Comfortable and Attractive
  • Waterproof Barrier

Incontinence Auto Seat Cover

Urine soiled automobile interiors are nearly impossible to clean!

The Auto Seat Cover is specifically designed and fitted for use in automobiles and other transport vehicles. The Auto Seat cover is made with the same double-quilted polyester/cotton blend fabric and waterproof barrier as our award-winning Incontinence Recliner Cover. The protective barrier is not visible and is designed to completely protect automobile interiors from urinary accidents.

Unlike other incontinence underpads available on the market, LIQUAGUARD® Auto Seat Covers come in 6 colors and can be washed and dried at home or in commercial machines.

Available in 2 styles:

Individual seat cover - fits most front passenger seats and captain’s chairs.

Bench seat cover - specifically constructed to fit the second row of Toyota Sienna, model years 2011-2017.

  • Machine Wash and Dry
  • 4 Fabric Colors
  • Easy On and Off 

Commercial Grade

LIQUAGUARD® covers are assembled in the USA using high-quality materials that include absorbent knit-fabric textiles and a waterproof polymer barrier. The polymer barrier meets commercial specifications for durable medical equipment (DME). The covers are shrink resistant and the barrier maintains its suppleness and impermeability through repeated launderings.

Also great for pet soil.

Life is filled with accidents; LIQUAGUARD® handles spills.

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