Dear Cindy,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Incontinence Recliner Cover. Of course, I found out the hard way that we needed such a product, which at the time I had no idea existed. We tried the shower curtain and sheet approach without success. I spent some time searching for a vinyl fitted cover, also not successful. When I finally stumbled onto your website, then talked with you for a little while, I realized this was it.

The two I ordered have been excellent - they fit well, have ultra-high quality construction and material, and perform as advertised. The only thing better might be a discount for a multiple order (hey, I have to try... I think anyone who needs one of these covers should have at least two). I will be placing an additional order to increase laundry flexibility time. This is a product every home health care merchant should be selling, and I have recommended it to others.

Thank you for following your vision - the best of success for you and your growing business!!

Chris Loya

Verona, PA

Hi Cindy,

Received the chair cover this morning- thanks so much! I think you have a really great product here, and I hope your business explodes like gangbusters!



Dear Cindy,

We can't thank you enough for such a great product! We were literally throwing away a recliner every 6 months due to my father-in-law's SEVERE incontinence problem. Now his chair is safely-and attractively- covered, and we couldn't be happier! Thanks again and keep up the GREAT work!



Dear Cindy,

We received Incontinence Recliner covers from your company and are very pleased with the job they are doing in protecting our recliners from being soiled. We have already washed the covers several times and have not noted any shrinkage or lack of protection afterwards.

We are planning to order more in the near future.

Thank- You,

Karen Widen

Sheltered Workshop Production Foreman

Division of Developmental Disabilities Services

Stockley Center

Dear Cindy....

You may not remember me, but I ordered a brown recliner cover for my mom back in September. Tonight, I ordered another one! There was not a spot for remarks on the order form so I wanted to drop you an e-mail to ask a favor. Previously you make it a little larger as my mom has an extra wide chair, but we still need it even bigger!

The seat portion needs to be even wider for our particular chair, and also the part that goes over the chair arms needs to be wider. The arms are very large and overstuffed.

Thanks for your help on this .....I really do appreciate it and your product is an answer to prayer!


Nancy Emitu

Dear Cindy,

When I first started looking for a incontinence chair cover, I never imagined it would be so hard to find. Yours was the only product that matched what I was looking for, a form fitting, universal chair cover that was leak proof. After balking at the price and continuing to search, I found nothing else. I stuck a crowbar in my wallet, ordered your product, and when it arrived, it was exactly what I needed. It fit my mother's power lift chair very well. The construction was solid. The cover was well worth the price.

Blaine Martin


Got the covers in today and put them on mom's recliner. They fit perfectly and all the nurses that saw them were so impressed they wanted to know where we got them. They thought they were a great product!


Randy Van Ooyen

Dear Cindy...

The Incontinence Recliner cover has been a "life saver" for our family. My 80 yr old mother has a severe incontinence problem and we have replaced many, many recliners. She is always in her recliner and we had tried everything from over sized medical pads to laying a shower curtain over the seat. Thankfully, we found Liquaguard on the Internet. We loved her product so much, we have purchased two - one is always on mom's chair! My mom loves how nice they look and we all love the protection it gives. Cindy was so willing to do a special order for us as mom has an "extra large" recliner and needed a special order. Thank you Cindy for a great product that is helping to improve a quality of life for my special mom.

Nancy E