Something Different In Incontinence Management

Disposable incontinence products oftentimes simply can’t keep up with urinary output. Under-pads, chux, and chair pads can be unsightly and therefore compromise one’s dignity. LIQUAGUARD® offers a different approach: a better, absorbent layer of protection in a unique design made from high-quality, sustainable, reusable materials that provide comfort and peace-of-mind.

Market opportunity

Healthcare Industry trending strongly suggests an increased need for incontinence management solutions in the near future. Presently, of the $20 billion spent annually on urinary incontinence in the United States, approximately 50-75% of that is spent on routine products used to manage the day-to-day challenge. This products market is expected to grow significantly as the baby-boomer generation ages and individuals live longer with chronic diseases that result in incontinence. This emerging generation of incontinence sufferers, their loved-ones, and care providers are already seeking higher-quality alternatives for managing this problem.

  • Large, accessible, growing market
  • Ready customer base seeking higher-quality solutions
  • Strong testimonials

Expand Your Business

Consider engaging your current customers, or opening the door to prospective business relationships with new conversations that highlight sustainable, reusable incontinence products designed to truly protect your customers’ furnishings and automobile seats.

Talk to us about enhancing your retail cash business and differentiating yourselves by adding this new and rewarding product line.

  • Lucrative expanding product line
  • Repeat business model
  • Made in the USA

Working With LGS

We are eager to partner with industry professionals who share our passion for making a difference, and see our vision as it pertains to alternative products and solutions. Our partner philosophy is to provide both innovative, high-quality products and responsive service. Approaching business with an eye on these fundamentals, while cultivating mutually beneficial relationships is of deep personal pride to our founding members and management team. It is with this in mind that we have formed our partner alliances.

Marketing & Support

As industry partners, we are fully committed to supporting your efforts in bringing our solutions to the attention of your customer base. We are receptive to working together to tailor a marketing and training program specific to your demographic and sales goals.