About Us


LIQUAGUARD® Solutions, Inc. was formed in 2011 out of a sincere desire to provide seniors and special-needs patients and their caregivers better, more effective solutions for managing chronic urinary incontinence.

Recognizing from personal experience, that most commonly-used disposable products often fail to adequately protect expensive furnishings during episodes of severe incontinence, we are approaching the industry in a different way.

All of our products are designed and manufactured for complete protection, with an equally strong emphasis on quality-of-life and dignity for both patient and caregiver.  Our goal is to continue to introduce and bring to market effective solutions that address the various challenges of living life with chronic incontinence. We have the most innovative bladder control pads for urine leakage for home and business use including waterproof covers and pads that protect against bladder leakage.

Made in the USA

LIQUAGUARD® Solutions products are designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Washington. 

Mission Statement

LIQUAGUARD®’s mission is to provide dignity and improve the quality of life of incontinence patients, their families, and caregivers worldwide through the use of our innovative solutions.