Founders Story

Message From Our Founder

I was a caregiver to my special needs son, Michael who was diagnosed with Leigh’s Syndrome at 15 months of age. During the last three years of Michael's life, he became severely incontinent, frequently soiling the lift recliner where he spent most of his time. I was exhausted trying to manage the situation using disposable chux pads in addition to frequent diaper changes. I tried everything I could find, but nothing contained the urine and controlled the odor.

As I coped with the problem daily, and eventually was forced to purchase a new lift recliner for Michael (due to the stains and odor), I continued to spend countless hours searching the Internet and calling companies for a better solution. Finally, in 2006 I resorted to purchasing the materials I needed to create, on my own, exactly the product I was looking for - a form-fitted protective cover with a waterproof barrier sewn in. Furthermore, since chronic incontinence is embarrassing for the patient and the family, my additional goal was to make sure that my cover was not only highly effective, but also discreet. I was well aware of the social stigma and shame associated with incontinence management and I wanted to design a solution that didn’t look like an incontinence pad/cover or a healthcare product at all. This cover is very comfortable to sit in, looks beautiful and can be commercially laundered over and over.

Cindy Hiatt

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