Waterproof Mattress Covers

Mattresses are expensive; as such, they are designed to last a number of years. Mattress covers provide barriers between the people using the beds and the mattresses themselves, thus protecting them from everything from dust mites and spills to stains resulting from incontinence. 

When liquids permeate a mattress, it significantly shortens its life span. That said, all mattresses should be used with a mattress pad, particularly a waterproof mattress protector.  Everyone uses a mattress; and everyone can benefit from a mattress pad. Consider this:

Older friends and family: Many elderly individuals suffer from incontinence, an often embarrassing and frustrating condition. Protecting their beds allows for easy clean up in case of leakage and prevents the embarrassment of a soiled mattress.

Potty-training young children: If you haven’t yet potty trained a toddler, be patient. Trust us when we say that accident happen, frequently. It is important to protect your mattress; sheets and blankets can easily be cleaned, mattresses cannot. They absorb odors that linger.

Pets: Admit it, you let your dog or cat sleep in bed with you.  While the comfort that provides is lovely, their occasional accidents and illnesses are not.  Additionally, pets tend to shed and animal hair can become embedded in a mattress.

Consider purchasing high quality mattress covers to protect all of the beds in your home. The right ones will be both reliable and easy to use. At LIQUAGUARD® we are committed to making life better for those suffering from incontinence. Our inventory includes the state-of-the-art waterproof mattress protector, the  LIQUAGUARD® LIQUA-SHEET® INCONTINENCE MATTRESS COVER LIQUA-SHEET™, one of the newest offerings from our company. This incontinence bed cover offers the same protection as a a waterproof mattress protector; yet is much more valuable than your average mattress pad.

About the LIQUA-SHEET™ 

The LIQUA-SHEET™ was designed specifically for the elderly and special needs individuals who suffer from moderate to severe incontinence. It protects their mattresses and makes life just a little bit easier for those suffering, their family members and their care givers.


  • fits securely with elastic fasteners.
  • is reusable and can be laundered daily or as needed.
  • Is easy to put on and off, when making the bed or removing to wash
  • is available for twin, twin xl, full (double) and queen mattresses. 
  • can be washed and dried at home or in commercial machines. 

While this incontinence bed cover is clearly helpful to those who suffer, the value it brings to caregivers cannot be overstated. Caring for a patient or loved one who suffers from incontinence is exhausting. And, a soiled mattress is nearly impossible to clean. The LIQUA-SHEET™ is designed to provide complete overnight mattress protection from accidents and leaks.  

Construction of the  LIQUA-SHEET™

You may wonder how the LIQUA-SHEET™ is  so effective. The answer lies in its composition. You see, it is comprised of three separate, high quality, durable materials which are sewn together to provide comfort as well as complete protection. Its top layer, the one in closest contact with a body, is made of flexible, breathable 100% poly mesh fabric that wicks moisture and enhances evaporation. 

Helping to guard against potential skin breakdown, the inner core is made of quilted polyester batting for maximum absorbency. Unlike other plastic mattress covers that are stiff and rustle upon changes in sleeping positions, LIQUA-SHEET™’s impermeable barrier is soft and flexible, providing quiet, comfortable waterproof protection.

LIQUA-SHEET™ is comprised of materials that meet commercial specifications, with durable knit fabric textiles and a waterproof polymer coating. This waterproof barrier maintains its suppleness and impermeability through repeated commercial laundering. The barrier is also shrink resistant,  meets flame retardant requirements and is environmentally friendly, containing no heavy metals. It is completely safe.

Serving the same role as a waterproof mattress pad, the Liqua-Sheet™ basically turns your regular, every day mattress into an incontinence mattress.  It keeps your mattress dry, is comfortable and quiet and is easy to clean. While initially developed for those suffering from incontinence, this fabulous mattress guard can bring value to everyone, especially those with small children and pets. The benefits are equally applicable and the product is convenient to use.