Waterproof Wheelchair Covers

Wheelchairs are essential for those with specific mobility issues. They help individuals maneuver both inside and outside their homes and are also used as modes of transport in a broad range of institutional facilities.  Often those requiring wheelchairs purchase them; eventually the cost of renting becomes prohibitive. That said, quality wheelchairs are not inexpensive. Those who own them expect them to last for years.

Incontinence issues can affect the lifespan of a wheelchair. Urine, from accidents and leakage, stains and its odor is difficult to remove. A waterproof wheelchair cover offers much needed protection. Those who can benefit from an incontinence wheelchair cover include: 

Elderly individuals: Seniors who suffer from incontinence are often embarrassed and self conscious. Protecting their wheelchair cushions from accidents and leakage is can be incredibly valuable to their emotional well-being.

Institutional Facilities: Hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities often have wheelchairs on-site for use by many different people. Wheelchair seat covers can increase the life-span of their chair inventory.  They are cost effective and increase staff efficiency.

Purchasing innocence wheelchair cushion covers can help protect both personal chair and those used by multiple individuals.  At LIQUAGUARD® we have committed ourselves to providing the best products to help those who suffer from incontinence. Because we understand that those in wheelchairs may be especially prone to incontinence, we offer the best wheelchair cover on the market, the Liqua-Wheelchair Cushion Cover™.  It offers phenomenal protection and will, without a doubt, extend the life of your chair. 

About the Liqua-Wheelchair Cushion Cover™

The  Liqua-Wheelchair Cushion Cover, available to fit wheelchair cushions of all sizes, combines function and comfort. It stays in place, can be washed and dried in-home or in commercial grade laundries at sanitizing temperatures. With the highest absorbency rating in the industry, it has been designed to replace expensive, disposable incontinence under pads, chair pads and blue chug pads. It truly provides total protection from all accidents and leakage. In fact,  holds more liquid than any other product on the market. 

Finally, our waterproof chair covers are made with absorbent double-quilted poly-cotton blend fabric and feature a waterproof barrier.  They are available in jet black.

Commercial Grade Construction

Made of material that meet commercial specifications, the Liqua-Wheelchair Cushion Cover™ is shrink resistant, meets flame retardant requirements and is environmentally friendly, containing no heavy metals. Its waterproof barrier maintains its suppleness and impermeability through repeated commercial launderings. 

This cover, which is designed to stay in place,  is made from durable knit fabric textiles with a waterproof polymer coating and provides complete coverage.


We recognize that wheelchairs come in a variety of sizes.  As such, our incontinence wheelchair cushion covers have been designed to accommodate a range of wheelchairs.  

  • Medium covers fit wheelchairs that are 16x14x2, 16x16x2, 16x16x3, 16x16x4,16x18x2, and 18x18x2.
  • Large covers fit sizes 16x18x4, 18x18x3,18x18x4,18x20x2,18x20x3,18x20x4. 

Rest assured regardless the size of your wheelchair, we can help protect it.

Product Reviews

At Liquaguard, we recognized the need to protect wheelchairs.  Our incontinence wheelchair covers were designed to provide full protection. We understand that accidents happen and have designed our chair covers to minimize the cleaning process.

We are incredibly proud of this product and the feedback we have received from those who have purchased it. We have shared some of our product reviews below.

(Do they have more recent reviews we can use, all on the site are from 2015)  Even just one quote could be used here)

If you or someone you love utilizes a wheelchair and suffers from incontinence, please contact us.  We can help you select the perfect cover. Additionally, you may want to consider purchasing more than one;  you will have one to use while the other is in the wash. Additionally, if you work in an institution that utilizes wheelchairs, please give us a call. We look forward to understanding all of your needs and helping to make your business operate more effectively and efficiently.