Incontinence Scooter and Power Chair Covers

At LIQUAGUARD®, we recognize that the elderly and those with special needs often suffer from urinary incontinence. Many of these individuals also have mobility issues and,as such, may use electric scooters and power wheelchairs. This equipment is important. It provides a level of independence through self mobility. 

One downfall to scooters and power chairs is that they can be costly. That said, if you make the investment, keeping them clean and operable is critical. This can often be a challenge.

Soiled seats on scooters and chairs are virtually impossible to clean. The ability to protect them from accidents is extremely valuable. 

Our Incontinence Covers

LIQUAGUARD® scooter and power chair covers were specifically designed to protect devices used for a mobile and independent lifestyle. Using them will, without a doubt, increase the life of the equipment. Our covers are:


All power chair covers and scooter covers are fitted and have a unique “stay-put” design. And, they are made from a beautiful, absorbent, double-quilted poly/cotton blend fabric, complete with a waterproof barrier sewn into the cover. This provides discrete protection from incontinence accidents.

Additionally, our incontinence covers are made to fit most manufacturer’s scooters and power chairs with seats measuring 16”-21” wide and 16” - 22” deep. 


Our covers are available in a variety of colors. Customers have a choice of jet black, harvest brown and navy blue. They will have no trouble selecting one that is perfect for their needs! Perhaps more importantly, these are covers for discreet protection; they do not draw attention to possible incontinence issues.


Our scooter and power chair covers are long lasting. Made from commercial grade fabric, they are assembled domestically. The materials include knit fabric textiles and an impermeable waterproof polymer barrier.  

Also, they are easy to take on and off and are washable (both in home and commercial machines). They maintain their suppleness and absorbency through multiple launderings.  Finally, the barrier is shrink-resistant, meets flame retardant requirements and is environmentally friendly. They are appropriate for home and commercial use.

Their Value

We know that one of the unfortunate effects of urinary incontinence is that it often contributes to a decline in the quality of life for those who suffer. Our fitted, protective scooter and chair covers not only provide discreet protection from accidents, they also provide peace of mind -  a priceless commodity for many.

Now, those who suffer from incontinence and use devices like this for increased mobility can maintain a vibrant and active social life without the fear of an accident being visible to others. This is perhaps the greatest value our covers bring: dignity to those who need it most.

The LIQUAGUARD® incontinence scooter covers and power chair covers have proven to be a beneficial replacement for disposable incontinence pads. They protect chair and scooter seats. That said, those that have used them can offer their personal experience as evidence of their value. We have shared some of their thoughts below.

We pride ourselves on developing high quality products designed to meet the needs of our clients and make living life with incontinence a little bit easier. Their satisfaction is our ultimate goal. As always, we appreciate their business and look forward to serving them in the future.