Incontinence Recliner and Lift Chair Covers

Recliners and lift chairs are popular with the elderly and those with special needs. They aid in sitting and standing, making life just a little bit easier.  Many who use these chairs also suffer from incontinence. 

When individuals experience incontinence, the life of their furniture is compromised. Urine stains and odor are incredibly difficult to remove. As such, they may use disposable incontinence underpads, chair pads and blue chux pads to try and protect their chairs from leakage and accidents.  

At LIQUAGUARD®, we recognized the need for a waterproof chair covers and waterproof recliner covers.  We had to help provide better protection for this type of furniture. Our incontinence recliner and lift chair covers do just that.

About Our Waterproof Furniture Covers

Our incontinence recliner and lift chair covers provide total protection from urinary accidents.  Made with beautiful, absorbent, double-quilted poly/cotton blend fabric, they feature a waterproof barrier sewn into the cover for discreet protection.  

Additionally, they are available in six color choices and two sizes. They fit a broad range of chairs. 

Finally, our waterproof slipcovers are machine washable and dryable. You simply remove them from your chair, pop them in your washer and dryer, and they are ready for a new use! Both the sizing of our covers and their construction make them incredibly effective.


As mentioned above, our chair covers are available in two sizes, small-medium and large-extra large. The small/medium covers are designed to fit a 24”-36” chair while the large/extra large fits those that measure 36”- 48”.

Ordering the correct size is important; you want to ensure total protection for your furniture. For proper fit, measure from the outside of one arm to the outside of the opposite arm, straight across the chair. This method will provide you accurate figures; you can be assured the waterproof slipcover will be large enough to offer total coverage.


The Incontinence Recliner Cover™ is comprised of materials that meet commercial specifications. The durable knit fabric textiles and waterproof polymer coating offer considerable protection. Additionally, the waterproof barrier maintains its suppleness and impermeability through repeated home and commercial launderings, making our covers ideal for both personal residences and commercial facilities.  It’s important to know that the barrier is also shrink resistant. I will fit back on your chair after it is washed and dried. Finally, all of our covers meet flame retardant requirements and are environmentally friendly; they do not contain any heavy metals. 

Benefits of Waterproof Slipcovers

Whether you are in a private home or commercial facility with individuals who suffer from incontinence, our chair covers are incredibly valuable. They protect your furniture while providing those who suffer a level of comfort.  They know they are not in danger of permanently damaging the furniture on which they sit. This peace-of-mind is truly priceless. In short, our Incontinence Recliner Covers™ are:

  • made of absorbent quilted fabric,
  • complete with a unique, stay-put design and sewn-in waterproof barrier, 
  • helpful in controlling odor and mess,
  • comfortable and attractive,
  • machine washable and dryable,
  • easily installed and removed, and
  • available in two sizes and multiple colors.

At LIQUAGUARD® , we understand the needs of our clients, and believe that our waterproof chair covers and waterproof recliner covers meet them. Because we know that accidents happen, we do suggest purchasing an extra cover to ensure your furniture is protected at all time.

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Incontinence is frustrating and often embarrassing.  We pride ourselves on offering products that make our customers lives just a little bit easier.  If you are looking to purchase waterproof furniture covers contact us today. We are proud of the service we provide and look forward to helping you select the perfect products to meet your needs.