Incontinence Auto Seat Covers to Protect Your Car

Automobiles are, in a word, costly. In fact, your car may be the most valuable item you own.   That said, taking care of it is extremely important. If you or someone you love suffers from incontinence and travels with you frequently,  keeping your seats clean and dry can be a challenge. Consider this, urine soiled automobile interiors are nearly impossible to clean. Protecting them from leakage, accidents and even spills is important.

About Our Seat Covers

LIQUAGUARD® seat covers are designed specifically for use in automobiles and transport vehicles. Consider their benefits:

  • Structure: The seat covers are fitted.  This prevents slippage and movement. They stay in place ensuring your entire seat is protected. 
  • Construction: Made from double-quilted, polyester/cotton fabric, the covers provide a discreet, waterproof barrier (just like that of our award winning incontinence recliner covers).  They completely protect your car seats from urinary accidents. 
  • Style:  Our seat covers are available in six colors and two models: 
    • an individual seat cover which fits most passenger seats and captain’s chairs, and 
    • a bench seat cover which has been specifically constructed to fit the second row of the Toyota Sienna, Model Years 2011-1019. 
  • Function: The covers are easy to put on and take off. They can be washed and dried in both home and commercial machines and  maintain their suppleness and impermeability through multiple washings. Even better, they are shrink resistant! In short, they are made to last.

Assembled in the United States, these covers are comprised of high-quality materials including aborsebent knit-fabric textiles and a waterproof polymer barrier. This barrier meets commercial specifications for Durable Medical Equipment (DME).

Added Value

In addition to helping to maintain the value of your automobile, our incontinence auto seat covers provide comfortable, attractive, and discreet protection AND peace of mind to those with whom you drive. Often, those who suffer from incontinence don’t want to leave their homes.  The fear of having an accident in the car causes them to avoid travel altogether.  This anxiety results in a decline in the quality of their lives. The emotional toll of incontinence is significant. 

The LIQUAGUARD® incontinence auto seat cover helps preserve their dignity and reduce their anxiety.  Your car seats will be completely protected; there is no need to worry about damage. 

Consider purchasing our seat covers and enjoy the additional protection they provide. While developed to assist those who suffer from incontinence, it is important to note that they can bring value to others as well, particularly families with small children and pets. Spills and accidents are common and the product is just as effective in these cases.  Basically, our seat covers are easy to use and can be a benefit in many situations.

We are confident in the effectiveness of our seat covers - they have been tested time and time again. Often, though, the most valuable recommendations come from those with experience. Take a moment and consider the words of some of our clients, shared below. We appreciate that they took the time to provide feedback on this product; we are grateful for their patronage and look forward to continuing to help those who suffer from incontinence live their best lives.