Incontinence Wheelchair Cushion Covers


Wheelchair Covers Sizes

Medium: fits sizes 16x14x2, 16x16x2, 16x16x3, 16x16x4,16x18x2,18x18x2
fits sizes 16x18x4, 18x18x3,18x18x4,18x20x2,18x20x3,18x20x4


LIQUAGUARD® Wheelchair Cushion Cover

  • Unique stay-put design
  • Absorbent quilted fabric
  • Comfortable and attractive
  • Machine wash and dried
  • Waterproof, leak-proof barrier is sewn in
  • Easy on and off
  • Multiple sizes to choose from

Incontinence Wheelchair Covers

The LIQUA-WHEELCHAIR CUSHION COVER provides comfortable, snug stay-put design that is durable for wheelchair cushions of all sizes.  It can be washed and dried in at home or commercial grade laundries at sanitizing temperatures. Our LIQUA-WHEELCHAIR CUSHION COVER has the highest absorbency rating in the industry and the LIQUA-WHEELCHAIR CUSHION covers are designed to replace expensive disposable incontinence under pads, chair pads, and blue chux pads; providing total protection from all accidents, light or heavy. LIQUAGUARD products including our wheelchair cover hold more liquid than any other product on the market.

Our covers are made with absorbent double-quilted poly/cotton blend fabric, and feature a waterproof barrier. Covers come in Jet Black

Commercial Grade

The LIQUA-Wheelchair Cushion Cover™ is made of materials that meet commercial specifications, with durable knit fabric textiles and a waterproof polymer coating. The waterproof barrier maintains its suppleness and impermeability through repeated commercial launderings. The barrier is also shrink-resistant, meets flame-retardant requirements, and is environmentally friendly, containing no heavy metals.

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