Recliner Cover Difference

December 26, 2018

Recliner Cover Difference

Recliner Cover Difference

Incontinence is, if nothing else, unpredictable Those of us who suffer, or know someone who does, understand the stress related to this condition; nobody wants to be embarrassed by leakage.

Additionally, furniture is expensive and, in general, designed to last years.  Protecting your furniture from incontinence episodes is important. At LIQUAGUARD® we recognize this and, as such, provide a range of quality, helpful and innovate products.

Do you have a recliner in your house?  We do! They are comfortable and offer the opportunity to “put up your feet” and relax while reading, watching TV or visiting with friends and family.  Recliners are costly; they are meant to last years. That said, recliners used by those affected by incontinence may be needed to be replaced more frequently; urine can stain and leave an unmistakable odor.  Because we understand this problem, we offer incontinence recliner covers to help maintain your furniture.  

Each home is unique; color pallets, room size and fabric choices vary from house to house.  We recognized this; our chair covers are offered in multiple sizes and colors. You can choose one which complements your room decor.  Our covers are made of a heavy, quilted fabric; they are incredibly absorbent. Additionally, they are designed to stay in place, even when people are in and out of the chair often. (If it slips and moves, there is a risk to fabric damage).  They help control odor and contain a waterproof barrier. AND, they can be machine washed and dried! In short,this cover provides the perfect protection for your reclining chair!

Finally, because we know that recliners are not “one size fits all”, neither are our covers. They come in two sizes to completely protect your furniture.  

Obviously, we think they are fantastic (we don’t sell products that don’t meet our high standards) and our clients share our opinion.  In fact, they have consistently provided us positive reviews on this product and shared their desire to recommend it to others.

If you own a recliner and are looking for a high quality, reliable and good-looking cover you can see them on our website.  As always, at LIQUAGUARD®  we will continue to provide those who suffer from incontinence and their families and caregivers the quality products they need to live an enjoyable and dignified life.