MS Can Cause Incontinence

May 05, 2015

MS Can Cause Incontinence

Multiple sclerosis or MS is defined as a progressive neurological disease that may affect the several areas of the central nervous system. It’s believed to be an autoimmune disease. In layman’s terms MS is a brain illness that advances with time and slowly destroys the covering of the nerves, (the myelin). MS attacks the myelin leaving holes in the covering of the nerves. This causes the nerves to misinterpret information from the brain, kind of like a toy that’s been wired wrong. You want to move one way but your body just doesn’t get the signal right. It’s this misinformation that causes coordination and walking problems, an overwhelming feeling of tiredness, lack of bladder and sometimes bowel control, (incontinence), and blurred vision.
While today MS is incurable there is promising research being conducted with wonderful results.

I will continue to explore MS and in future blogs including my discoveries on the research and its results.

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