Men, Cancer & Urinary Incontinence

July 26, 2018

Men, Cancer & Urinary Incontinence

Men, Cancer & Urinary Incontinence

Urinary Incontinence... Does it affect you? The accidental loss of urine and/or leaking can leave you feeling alone, insecure and utterly uncomfortable. Incontinence seems to be a common occurrence for men after prostate cancer treatment. But did you know incontinence can happen after being treated for other types of cancer as well?

In most cases incontinence will only last a short time. Sometimes it can however, be a long-term side effect from cancer treatment. There are many ways to help, but be sure to consult with your doctor if you are experiencing incontinence.

Incontinence treatment for men:

Kegel Exercises - these exercises strengthen the muscles to control the flow of urine.

Medicine - these medicines will affect the muscles and the nerves to help control the flow of urine.

Catheters - these used to collect urine.

Compression devices - this is a device placed on the penis to help keep urine from coming out.

Incontinence Products - products such as pads, mattress pads, auto seat covers, chair covers and incontinence throws can all be used to protect yourself, your car and your furniture.