LIQUAGUARD & Trinity Services

June 08, 2017

LIQUAGUARD & Trinity Services

LIQUAGUARD recently had the honor of presenting our products to Trinity Services.

For those of you that don't know, Trinity Services is a nonprofit that provides support and person-directed services to people with mental illnesses and disabilities.

Trinity serves both children and adults . They currently work with over 3500 people who have developmental or intellectual disabilities as well as mental health needs.

Some of the services that Trinity provides are:

    • Social Centers
    • Therapeutic Services
    • Intensive Outpatient Programs
    • In-Home Support
    • Adult Learning Programs
    • School
    • Employment Services

While Trinity was founded in 1950, they didn't establish their Behavioral Health program until 1991. These services help support people by allowing them to live as independently as possible.

Trinity has presence within 31 communities in Illinois as well as Reno, Nevada. Trinity is funded by Illinois Department of Human Services, Department of Healthcare and the United Way. Trinity accepts donations from individuals, religious organizations as well as businesses.  

Here is more information if you would like to donate to Trinity!

Below some additional images from our presentation with Trinity Services:

Since our presentation with Trinity Services, they are now using the LIQUAGUARD products in all of their departments, from housing with our LIQUA-sheets (mattress covers)transportation with our Auto covers, personal client use, Wheelchair Cushion Covers and Scooter Covers and more.

Testimonial from Connie Melvin of Trinity Services say:

Caregivers want to create an environment that looks nice, smells good, and that preserves the dignity of those they support. When providing services to people who struggle with incontinence, these aims can be quite challenging to achieve. The discovery LIQUAGUARD and the implementation of their product line have helped our caregivers address a variety of issues. The LIQUAGUARD products have helped us to lengthen the life of furniture, eliminate unwanted odors, and enhance the appearance of the home by eliminating the need for soakers. Specifically, the recliner covers and manual wheelchair cushion covers are easy to put on, fit well, and have simple care instructions. In addition, the customer service from LIQUAGUARD is excellent. And, we appreciate the fact that this company continues to develop new products based upon the needs of the customers. Well done LIQUAGUARD!

Connie Melvin