Incontinence Products

November 23, 2022

Incontinence Products

Nocturia refers to the increased urination that occurs in certain individuals during the night. Since nocturnal polyuria can cause a person to generate a lot of urine in a single night, it may cause you to wake up numerous times a night feeling the need to urinate. It's not always the case that urinating frequently can result in bedwetting; many people can just get up and go to the bathroom whenever they feel the need. However, those who experience polyuria at night are more prone to their body ignoring the cues and the result is incontinence. At Liquaguard Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best incontinence products in the industry. 

There are a number of potential causes and symptoms of incontinence that you should consider. Noting when and how it occurs will be the first step in effectively treating the problem. When the bladder or the abdominal area is compressed, it can cause a condition known as stress incontinence. Physical stressors that could cause pee to flow include exercise, sneezing, laughing, coughing, and sex. Bladder leaks due to stress are common at night and can be triggered by many different bodily movements. Functional incontinence happens when a person is unable to use the restroom to relieve themself because of a physical or mental handicap rather than bladder problems. This could mean that a person has trouble waking up to urinate in the middle of the night or that they wake up, but they’re physically unable to move themself to the restroom. Lastly, there's overflow incontinence which occurs when the bladder doesn't empty entirely during urination. Urine can leak out of the bladder while you're sleeping if it wasn't completely empty before bed.

Incontinence Pads

One of the most effective nighttime incontinence products that we provide at Liquaguard Solutions is incontinence mattress covers. They’re designed to go on top of the bed like a regular mattress pad, but their layers of absorbent material are separated by a layer of vinyl. This will prevent pee from leaking through your mattress when incontinence occurs. 

Incontinence doesn’t only occur during the night though. Fortunately, we have incontinence solutions for a variety of different situations that you may need them in. For when situations arise in the car, we have auto seat covers for adults and car seat covers for children. These covers are made with a waterproof material that will ensure that pee will not get on your car seats. They’re easy to apply and remove and you can clean them very easily as well. 

Finally, we also have incontinence products for wheelchairs, recliners, lift chairs, scooters, and power chairs. At Liquaguard Solutions, we understand that incontinence can happen at any time and we do our best to help you be prepared for it no matter what you’re doing. Our covers and pads will ensure that no matter what your transportation device is, you will be protected. Like our car seat covers, these covers are easy to clean and put on. Visit our online store to find an incontinence product that best fits your needs today.