Incontinence Due To Damage

July 12, 2015

Incontinence Due To Damage

Incontinence Due to Damage

Incontinence may be the unfortunate result of damage to your pelvic floor caused by childbirth or sometimes surgery to remove the uterus. In fact, any damage to your pelvic floor can result in incontinence. Surgeries and childbirth tend to weaken the muscles that support the bladder. So unless you are diligent and DO the Kegal exercises that your OBGYN gave you at the very first visit to his/her office, you run the risk of self-induced incontinence. GOOD NEWS!! It’s not too late to fix it. Kegel exercises may improve or eliminate the symptoms of urinary incontinence! They strengthen the muscle tissue around the urethra, vagina and rectum. Kegel's are very easy so anyone can do them anywhere, anytime. It’s a lengthy process and may take a few months to see any progress, but don’t give up. The benefit is really worth the effort.  To learn how to do Kegel exercises please contact your medical professional.

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