How You Can Improve The Quality Of Life With The Liquaguard Products

April 14, 2017

How You Can Improve The Quality Of Life With The Liquaguard Products

How You Can Improve The Quality Of Life With The Liquaguard Products

Dealing with the loss of dignity, mobility, and the freedom of living life at any age is a constant threat from incontinence. The Liquaguard line of incontinence products was designed and developed with a unique solution in mind.

Liquaguard offers the following advantages that other do not:

Nursing Home Quality

No brand of in home incontinence covers can provide the protection, comfort, color choice, fit, and style that Liquaguard does. Liquaguard is an award winning design that combines the need for protection from accidents with comfort. Other products on the market cannot match the quality or performance.

Washable and Dryer Safe

Liquaguard is commercial grade. This means all of the materials are safe for washing and drying in any commercial or household washer and dryer. The materials retain their shape and liquid retention qualities at temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. No other incontinence covers can take that level of heat and still perform.

Wash times 200+

The entire Liquaguard line of incontinence covers is designed to last through more than 200 washings. This means that the appearance of the cover stays the same. More importantly the absorbency and the water lining remain flawless. The fit stays the same regardless of the number of washes.

Sanitizing Wash and Dry

Liquaguard incontinence covers are designed to withstand any sanitizing treatment used in washing. This includes in home washing and commercial laundries. We wanted a product that came back from the laundry smelling clean, looking spotless and most importantly works like the day it was purchased!

Incontinence Level

Liquaguard guarantees the highest level of incontinence protection. Bladders come in all sizes. The special design of the protective polymer and the absorbent pads in Liquaguard covers was developed to manage the highest amount of leakage without any damage to furniture, beds, wheelchairs, or car seats.

Covers All

We developed incontinence covers that cover all types of furniture and seating as well as covering all of a given piece. Persistent incontinence can happen anywhere. We felt it was important to provide the best protection for chairs, couches, beds, auto seats, lift chairs, wheel chairs, and scooters. Our designs cover the whole piece so that protection is complete, comfort is assured, and the look preserves the dignity of the user.

Fitted Design

Each Liquaguard cover is fitted to your specific equipment or furniture. This guarantees the most comfort possible. There is a minimal potential for leaks that require upholstery cleaning with a fitted incontinence cover.

Stay Put Design for Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are a challenge but we mastered them. We accomplished a design that stays where is should stay regardless of how many times the chair goes up and down. There really is no excuse for a person to sit on a lumpy incontinence cover. A cover that does not stay put is asking for an accident that causes an unnecessary cleaning bill and distress to the person who has incontinence.

Sewn in Waterproof Barrier

Many of our competitors have a spay on waterproofing that washes out and the urine will bead up and roll onto the floor. Our products will actually soak up the urine into the layered cover. We opted for a design that included a sewn in waterproof barrier. This guarantees that the water proof barrier stays in place. A barrier that stays where it needs to be protects furniture. The self respect of the person with incontinence issues and the peace of mind of their care givers is a bonus we intended.