Four things you thought were true about incontinence...

July 18, 2018

Four things you thought were true about incontinence...

Four things you thought were true about incontinence but actually aren't...

It’s true incontinence can feel embarrassing and can often leave you feeling alone. Don’t be afraid to speak with your doctor if you leak, can’t make it to the bathroom in time or even soak your clothing. With nearly 17 million people in just the United States, you are not alone in your battle with incontinence.

Let’s debunk four things you thought were true about incontinence but actually aren't…

  1. Drinking less, means less accidents: While your logic might suggest the less you drink, the less you’ll frequent the bathroom - it’s completely false! Drinking less fluid will do more harm than good. Not only do you risk getting dehydrated but you'll also do damage to your body. The biggest issue with not drinking enough is that your urine will become more concentrated which will irritate your bladder and cause more accidents!
  2. Having a baby will cause incontinence: Not all women who give birth will experience incontinence. There are many factors that come into play such as genetics, birth, age, lifestyle etc.
  3. You should use sanitary pads for incontinence: WRONG! Don’t be tempted to do this! Incontinence products are designed completely different and have the ability to absorb and collect urine.
  4. Surgery is proven most successful to treat incontinence: This is just another one of those myths that couldn't be more wrong. Surgery for incontinence should be considered a last resort. Make sure you have exhausted all of your options before you seek this route. Treatments that are proven to work include, lifestyle changes, diet changes, exercise, meditation and behavioral treatments.

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